Fairy Tales Can Come True


As a child I was given multiple books to read by my classic, literature loving mother. The first thing I did when handed a book was to flip through it to look at the illustrations. If the pictures intrigued me I read the book. It used to be that all novels were illustrated unlike today except for the book cover art. My book, FTCCT is my memory of my childhood fantasy visions brought to life through my illustrations. I encourage readers of all ages to flip through my book to look at the pictures before reading the story.

Linda S. Gunn’s Maiden Book Fairy Tales Can Come True Is an Exciting Read for Young Adults

(January 19, 2022) – Well-known artist Linda S. Gunn becomes a first-time author with her book, Fairy Tales Can Come True. The first in a trilogy is a splendid mix of fiction and reality. Linda's artwork has been featured in many books. However, this is the first time she has put her pen down to write her complete book, a trilogy. The first Trilogy of Fairy Tales Can Come True made it to the shelves on January 4, 2012. This 2022, the completed story of Fairy Tales Can Come True, A Trilogy, will be released.

Fairy Tales Can Come True, A Trilogy tells the story of three California-based girls, Marie, Nina, and Mo. The likes of the three stooges, and sometimes three musketeers, these young girls are sisters forever. The book follows Nina, the middle child, who often escapes to her make-believe world to relax and sometimes to cope with her family members.

Linda S. Gunn, aka Nina, is an independent fine art professional. Her paintings have been published in books and magazines and exhibited worldwide. One of her popular pieces, The Peter Pan Statue, hangs in the Peter Pan Wing of Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

The book one of the trilogy, Fairy Tales Can Come True was published and has received good reviews from its readers.

Full of imagination, creativity, and fun, Nina embraces both "what is" and "what might be" with undoubting enthusiasm. Fairy Tales Can Come True is Nina's story. It reflects her humor, shows her frustrations with the limitations of reality, and shares the trials and tribulations of growing up as part of a widely diverse bevy of females in the 1950s”,says a spokesperson for the book Fairy Tales Can Come True.

“I read this book to my students. Many of them could relate to the family squabbles and adventures of Nina and Mo. They were mesmerized by the magical possibilities of fairies, and they would cheer in support of Nina's struggles. At the end of the day when our time for reading had come to an end, they would beg me not to stop. They are anxiously waiting for the second book in the trilogy”, says an impressed reader.

With her love for arts and illustrations, Linda has come up with spreading her message through her fully illustrated book; Fairy Tales Can Come, A Trilogy. She says, "Dreams that are never imagined can never come true. My message is that personal sacrifice for the family is sometimes the only key to happiness."

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Excerpts from Fairy Tales Can Come True - A Trilogy

The Fantasy, The Magic, The Reality

The Magic Book

I have to look inside this beautiful book! The cover is thick, and it's hard to open. Written on the first page in very small, fancy gold print are the words "You the reader, hath been selected to learn the truth within these pages." When I turn the page, I see the title of the book- The Truth About Fairies, and right under the title is "Fairies are magical beings known to visit children with imagination who live in the real world." Oh, my goodness! They are real! I knew it!

Seagully in Office Window

"Look at me, I said! That book you have doesn't look like it's something you ought to be reading. I'll take that, thank you." She leans over her desk and takes the book about fairies from my hands and puts it on her desk. I notice that the book is no longer sparkling. It looks old and worn out now. How dare she take my book! How would she know if it's unsuitable for me? She wasn't chosen to read it-I was!

Miss Perrett's bright, red lips move over her teeth. There is lipstick on her front tooth. She looks like someone evil as she reminds me of all my visits to her office in the past two years. I study every detail of her face. The way her long black hair turns under at her shoulders and her mean eyes make me think of Captain Hook, the pirate who fought Peter Pan in Neverland. "Miss Pirate", I say under my breath.

Nina and her sisters find themselves in Neverland

Nina is put in a gunny sack then dropped onto the deck of a ship. A knife just misses my face as it cuts through my burlap sack. Finally, fresh air and relief! The bright sun blinds me as I rise from the sack. The men standing around me are strangely quiet for several seconds before yelling out in unison, "RED FAIRY". In a panic, they run away, leaving me face to face with an enormous vulture that has a bloody gash where it's right eye should be. The bird pecks at and pulls my hair and blue nightgown. I turn my face away to protect my eyes.

Mo didn't notice the sparkly substance on the floor or hear the teeny tiny tinkling noise. It was the sudden bright ball of warm light in her face that brought her to her feet.

Squeaky directs my attention to a corner that is littered with gold coins, colorful jewels and strands of pearls. There are several pirate chests. Some have been opened, but most are still locked. I wish I could see what's inside all of them, but the smell is so overpowering that I have to get out of this cave for a breath of fresh air.

"What's happening?" shrieks Marie to her crew of Pirates. Their longboat is roughly tossed up, down, and sideways on the monstrous waves. Bolts of lightning hit the water around them and the wind howls so loudly that she can no longer hear the loud sirens of the mermaids surrounding the boat.