painter linda S. gunn
long beach museum of art auction


Where have I been lately?

Even though my cervical surgery and then COVID has kept me away from painting in plein air, I remained involved in the art world. Not long after surgery, two of my paintings were included in the Long Beach Museum of Art Bi-annual Live Auction. I’m honored by the museum again this year. In June two more of my older paintings will be hung in the Long Beach Museum of Art. This time it will be a Virtual Action.

Covid has brought about Virtual Exhibitions. They are easy to enter via a simple jpeg of a painting. I have been fortunate as well as honored to have several of my paintings accepted into virtual exhibitions. I’m thrilled that a few of them have received awards. The best motivation to keep painting! Spring is on the horizon and I’m looking forward to getting out of my studio to paint my surrounding landscape. It’s been two years since I’ve been able to paint outside other than my own yard.

While still a far cry from Transformerhood, I am, nevertheless, partly metal now with three titanium “boxes”, heaped atop one another, (my new vertebrae) and a set of hefty screws to keep them there. Another two of my rogue spinal links, just about shot anyway, have been rebuilt and are currently held together with who knows what for construction material (Gorilla Glue?).

self portrait
15 x 11

life after radical surgery on my fractured vertebrae this painting now hangs in my surgeons office

studio reflection
30 x 24
oil on canvas

concert highlights
30 x 22

memories of the paul mccartney concert i had attended shortly after cervical surgery. i wore a huge neck brace. the audience was filmed using an extremely bright light. i was told that my image was flashed on the huge screens.

off shore, palos verdes
15 x 22

reference from the boat, a view of point fermin where my instructional video for colour in your life was filmed this painting was juried into the western federation of watercolor societies exhibition

the imagined
15 x 22

my favorite childhood haunt. the trail to the tide pools at cabrillo beach, san pedro awarded best of theme in the San Diego watercolor society member show

out of bed
22 x 30

after cervical surgery, my hospital bed was placed in the family room so that i could be part of daily activities. This painting received a merchandise award from the sdws 40th international exhibition