painter linda S. gunn


In the Studio

My Studio Paintings are a thought out well planned process. I enjoy taking time to visualize the outcome of every piece of my art be it an  illustration, oil or watercolor painting. I often place an unfinished painting in a place we’re I can study it while going about my daily routine. Like on the kitchen sink or next to the TV. Sometimes an idea will come with a passing glance and I’ll grab my painting and take it upstairs to my studio for the finishing touches.

 I also enjoy keeping my hand in life drawing and painting, a skill I developed in my teens and continue to this day.

lunch meeting
22 x 30

this painting is part of my cabrillo beach series. it was created in my studio.

standiing wall
15 x 22
acrylic on paper

his painting was referenced from photos and sketches that i made last year while preparing for my colour in your life live video. the painting depicts the rough trail of ruins leading from the tidepools at cabrillo beach in san pedro, ca

beach graffiti
15 x 22
acrylic on paper

this painting depicts the remnents of a building that has been beaten down over decades by heavy surf. mother nature and urban nature combined.

beach palms
20 x 20

cabrillo beach palms surrounded by a heavy storm surge of rain, wind and surf.

surf at crystal cove
12 x 14

a painting of the beautiful beach at crystal cove, laguna ca

afternoon reflections
14 x 20

this painting was referenced from photos that i had taken at the park behind my house. i’m fascinated with the distractions of refracted light and color.

goose girl
7 x 5

this little “postcard” was auctioned off as a fundraiser for the laguna plein air

girl in the garden
30 x 22

i repainted this 1998 watercolor that i found in my garage. i guess time and experience is my best teacher. the extra heavily textured paper was given to me by an art supply dealer when i was an instructor for art materials trade shows.